in the mix

i got all excited when i heard

that phydeaux designs had begun making mini skein sets

(i used the merino/cashmere blend ‘caresse’).

oh, the possibilities with 80 yards each of those different colors.

on tuesday, i’ll release a new pattern using the  minis,

but until then,

here’s a little sneak peek of the wip before it was done.IMG_7939framei’m itching now to play with some more

ideas that cropped up in the knitting of this first one.

between now and tuesday,

be sure to stop back tomorrow for

a giveaway that would make a great gift,

or be just what you need to make a great gift.

more info coming in the morning…

‘itching’ taken from 4:3 of second timothy.

2 thoughts on “in the mix

  1. My goodness the colours are gorgeous in those minis! I’m very interested to see what you have planned for them. 🙂 The wip looks intriguing too! Hmmm…. I wonder what it is…..

    • phydeaux has different mini skein sets. this is the ‘neutral’ color combo. the minis are such a nice way to get to play with lots of colors without having to buy 5 full skeins of yarn and have so much leftover to deal with. more pics tuesday.

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