a particular friday

xarelto price transfer today is pajama day

http://adambrowncustoms.com/14399-forxiga-price.html (also known as the very last day

allegra price of going to school before Christmas vacation begins).

avodart price  here are my middle two in their jammies waiting for the bus.

http://firstopiniondiscovery.com/14419-clindamycin-phosphate-gel-usp-price.html report IMG_2571crop

order Deltasone my 3 yr old in his ‘footies’ standing, as always, on the furniture. IMG_2575cont

click my 14 yr old, who is home sick, still in jammies and her cutie slippers.

IMG_2572shadei am now the only one in the house who is not in jammies.

i’ve begun to seriously question why i got dressed this morning in the first place

and i’m considering putting pj’s back on.

it is ‘pajama day’ after all.

‘morning’ taken from 27:14 in proverbs.

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