it’s in the execution

no amount of effort,

or planning or sweat or worry,

can make any of us perfect by our own doing.  no amount

and kids seem to know that.

my son spent days asking his papa and i

what seemed like oddly unconnected questions.

he then announced to us that he was writing

a book titled ‘inventions’.

as he presented us with the beginnings of his manuscriptflying table illustrationwe recognized

that all his questions had centered around

the book’s first project:

‘the flying table’ complete with an orderly materials listflying table materialswe congratulated him on a job well begun,

and he replied with a wry smile as he mumbled under his breath,

‘if only it was as easy to make a bike fly’.

if only.

‘questions’ taken from 2:46 of luke.

the capitals

we don’t do colored eggs and bunnies in this house,

at least not on easter weekend.

instead we encourage Hope and Love,

laughter and compassion,

and happy hearts.

we try to keep this up year-round, so when the schools

celebrate things in fun ways, we’re down with it.IMG_8964brimost recently celebrated was dr. seuss’ birthday.

that’s when my 9 yr old son

said he needed a

full sized tail that he can wear all day

by first thing the next morning.  then what’s a mama to do?

braid one, that’s what.

out of something light and airy like

classic elite’s chalet.

my only regret is that i looped the long strands i cut,IMG_8962bri

through his back belt loop, so the tail had to be cut clean off before the faded jeans

got washed and dried that night.

next year i’ll know better.

‘morning’ taken from 38:12 of job.


oh, how i love it

when things like this

(my very hastily and poorly sketched out idea of colorwork on a sleeve):IMG_9146briturn into things like this:10410290_10100171656970027_5694256389859965537_nthe actual colors of this lorna’s laces yarn

have to remain under wraps until tnna in may,

but i can tell you that it’s lovely and certainly something

that if i was at all skilled at dying

(which i am not)

i would have chosen to dye up for my very own.

‘skilled’ taken from 35:25 of exodus.

shapes and sizes

i had spread the big bag of wooden beads

out on the kitchen island and begun to sort them

before i realized how gorgeous the light streaming in the windows was.IMG_9121bri

i am so happy with how these old wooden beads,

salvaged from a hanging screen that was beyond repair,

look in the big glass jars my mum saved

after we ate skads of sweet fruit salad

out of them as children.IMG_9128sat

i am, admittedly, not much of a cleaner…

so let the spring sorting and regrouping begin!IMG_9130sha

‘sort’ taken from 13:48 of matthew.


this quiet afternoon

felt like a great time to block a recently finished hat.

distractable me, though, got drawn in to the up-close

and personal of the process.

IMG_9083crop1hit the ‘wrong’ setting on my camera and it revealed

IMG_9091negthe intricacy of the bubbles

as they interacted with the wet yarn.

who knew that the side effect of wet blocking

in bijou basin ranch’s allure fiber wash would be so artistic?IMG_9089urbhappily, the hat got blocked despite this tangent.

though i hope not to get to wear it,

in all its wooliness,

until next fall.

the warm sunshine today is downright hopeful in that regard.

‘block’ taken from 14:13 of romans.

allure fiber wash‘ courtesy of bijou basin ranch.

note: you know me and the strength of my convictions.

i am not one to be swayed by a free little bottle of fiber wash.

end result?  i really liked it.



when you have the chance to make some, you should.

last week my kitchen became a recording studio.

that happens in different ways

with different people

now and again.

i always think that food made

in the same kitchen where music was created

tastes somehow better.

(note: even the smallest studio needs a name.

my new one is ‘the dwelling’.)

so, day one in the dwelling: a little mentoring of my littlest man.IMG_9064urbsatday two in the dwelling: sound check for levels on my ‘instrument’.IMG_9069urbsatday three in the dwelling: relocation to a more permanent spot,

since eating is a regular occurrence in its original location,

which includes the ambiance of discoball lighting.

IMG_9074urbday four in the dwelling: whatever wonderful thing comes next…

‘dwell’ taken from 28:12 of job.