can you buy tinidazole over the counter my son is not tired.

buy Misoprostol online without prescription from canada he is not dragging his sick little self around the house

on the verge of falling asleep on his feet.

ask him and he’ll tell you.

i. am. not. tired.

but what we refuse to admit to,

even to ourselves,

often seeps, leaks or peeks out in other ways…

IMG_2045shadestill, when i found that he’d crashed his big rig through

the front door of the fisher price house,

my mind immediately wondered

if he’d heard or seen




when i

asked, “did the truck

have an accident?” he answered,

“no mama, the truck was tired so he drove inside to take a nap”,

and i must have raised an eyebrow

because he repeated for me

“no. i. am. not. tired.”

‘door’ taken from 31:32 in job.

2 thoughts on “awakeness

  1. Smart little boy. 🙂 Did he crash for a nap after all? I’m ready for one! We have a new ‘fridge arriving this afternoon and we just cleaned out the old one ready for a charity pick up tomorrow. 🙂 And husband, being helpful, emptied the downstairs freezer, so now I have to clean and defrost that one! Ugh!!!! But a new fridge will be lovely.

    • no naps for my boy today. both he and his brother (who’s also sick) wound each other up to full gale force this afternoon. good news: bedtime was immediate sleep as soon as heads hit the pillow. ahhh.

      yeah for the new fridge! that’s a good motivator for cleaning out the freezer maybe? 3 yr old helped repair guy fix ours a few days ago. must put those pics up. so cute. clean and then rest!

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