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2 thoughts on “awakeness

  1. Smart little boy. 🙂 Did he crash for a nap after all? I’m ready for one! We have a new ‘fridge arriving this afternoon and we just cleaned out the old one ready for a charity pick up tomorrow. 🙂 And husband, being helpful, emptied the downstairs freezer, so now I have to clean and defrost that one! Ugh!!!! But a new fridge will be lovely.

    • no naps for my boy today. both he and his brother (who’s also sick) wound each other up to full gale force this afternoon. good news: bedtime was immediate sleep as soon as heads hit the pillow. ahhh.

      yeah for the new fridge! that’s a good motivator for cleaning out the freezer maybe? 3 yr old helped repair guy fix ours a few days ago. must put those pics up. so cute. clean and then rest!

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