beginning of the brrrr!

this is the time of year that finds me scurrying about

as i rack my brain trying to remember

the so called ‘easy to remember place’ where

i stashed all my fingerless mitts for the summer.

now there’s frost

on the lawn

while we’re waiting for the school buses

and despite being sure that i wrote myself a note so i’d remember

(don’t laugh, but i can’t find the note either. it’s lost, too!)

the tried and true mitts

are nowhere to be seen, but i’ve got these new rivi mittsIMG_2077+knit up in local shearer aaron loux‘s locally sourced bulky weight yarn

my hands are happily toasty

and one of these days i’m gonna fine the other mitts

and it’s gonna feel like Christmas all over again.

‘lost’ taken from 15:4 of luke.

5 thoughts on “beginning of the brrrr!

  1. I found my rivi mittens today in the pocket of my down vest. 🙂 I needed them! They are still my favorite fingerless mitts. I like you new ones!

    • i love that i know aaron (who is the guy who sheared the sheep whose wool was made into the yarn that made this pair of rivi mitts). makes me feel so connected to where the fiber came from (plus, it’s fabulous yarn).

      • That is so special! I have some fibre from a couple of alpacas I met. Now to learn to spin! 🙂 I would love to spin my own yarn. Soon, I hope.

        • so exciting that you’re so close to spinning! my friends sharon and tina and rachel spin. then love it!

          • I’ve been trying with drop spindles, with limited success, but yarn evolves. 🙂 I just bought a very simple spindle wheel, and now need time to learn to do it! I think with both hands free, and longer spin time, I’ll be more successful I’ll let you know! LOL

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