behind and ahead and inbetween

advice on sunday, the 9th, i asked an ‘do you know what this is?’ question.

dutas buy lickety-split, brenda guessed right over on facebook.

not long after, samm guessed right here on the blog.

you guys are so smart.

i was fascinated, but had no idea at all what it was until i read

the ‘good karma farm’ tag.

that’s the ‘behind’ part (as in i’m behind on giving the answer).

on tuesday, not quite so long ago, classic elite yarns let me

guest post on their blog.

i’m always happy for an excuse to write.

i do so love the process of getting my feelings wrangled

into solid form.

now, for the ‘ahead’ part.

tomorrow a new hat pattern of mine will be released.

a couple of weeks ago (here we go back again),

my daughter took photos of that hat and me.

the graphic pop of her shots i just love.

i didn’t realize until aftewards

how the details of

the hat got


in the end it works out well, because now i can show you these as

a sneak peek a day early.'hita' collage for fbi also just made this the new header on my facebook page.

if we aren’t friends over there already, let’s fix that right now.

i’m very friendly (smile).

 ‘ahead’ taken from 4:25 of proverbs.

2 thoughts on “behind and ahead and inbetween

  1. Yay! I guessed correctly! I’m going to make some of those this winter, so they are ready for our birds. We have three bird homes on our front tree, and the same sparrow family lives each year in the first one we put up. There are squabbles over one of the houses sometimes, and the third one was inhabited last year for the first time. Yay! We hang a suet/seed block in that tree too, and love to watch the action. A family of woodpeckers visits regularly. Happy birds! And happy me! There will be a new Talitha pattern!

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