Continue a phone pole was hit in my neighborhood last night

buy priligy canada no-one was hurt (hear my deep sigh of relief?)

neurobion forte plus price a bug in the car to blame for the swerve

and the result was no power

for about 2 hours.

once the kids were in bed

i found myself

at the kitchen island

a chill breeze coming in through the window

and candles to ward off the darkness once it fell.

with no fridge motor running and not even the subtle buzz of the florescent lights

i took a deep breath and found the space to consider.

as thankful as i am for the many things

i have, they feel heavy at times

and i decided in that quiet moment

to lighten the load a little by arranging things

to see where we have an abundance that should be shared

and where we have just enough.

tonight i started with the crayons, markers, coloring books and paper.

scads of all of the above tumbled out of the cupboard

and some of it is now packed to go.

what’s left feels better.

more of a blessing and less of a weight.

now i will sleep, and tomorrow i’ll tackle another overcrowded nook, cuz

if it’s too hard to get to what i want to use, i may not get around to using it at all.

‘darkness’ taken from 1:4 of genesis.

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