but, who is it?

http://mealsmy.com/NbL5jEXs it seems possible that

visit this page someone,

what are all the dating sites somewhere

websites in the life of

robert redford

has quite

a thing

for yarn

these days.

perhaps it is

something new

as one of

the latest

sundance catalogs

that greeted

my mailbox

(i never buy,

but i love to look)

was full of

yarny pics.

i wonder

who it is


him in this way.

a grandma?

a daughter?

an uncle?

a close friend?

or maybe,

just maybe,

he has joined the ranks

of the many actors

who have taken

to the sticks themselves.

‘ranks’ taken from 30:27 in proverbs.

2 thoughts on “but, who is it?

  1. That’s very interesting! I’ve neve seen yarn and knitting featured in adverts like this. Great boots! 🙂

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