by the numbers ok, so my kids don’t ‘paint by number’. the times we’ve tried, they swap all the colors

dating for woman over 40 -intentionally-

sites so their art looks nothing like the box.

i suppose that i’ve encouraged this

by my own example

as i’m not one to follow a pattern or

a set of directions to the letter.

my mum and i are notorious

for going shopping, only to return

with the ‘perfect’ thing.

‘perfect’, that is, once

the sleeves are reworked,

the hem narrowed and shortened,

and the collar removed to rebuild the neckline.

so i guess i come by it naturally, too.

all that to say,

one of my favorite things about creating a pattern

is to see each knitter making it her (or his) own.

changing the length,

adding a second yarn for texture,

or personalizing a mouse’s sweet ears.

my huge congrats to lisa (karmaperdiem)

who won her own copy of moses

and the upcycled yarn to knit him (or her)

from carol over at taddiebeeknitting.

i can’t wait to see who your little mouse turns out to be…

‘example’ taken from 13:15 in john.

1 thought on “by the numbers

  1. Hi Tal! I’m so excited for winning both the pattern and yarn from you and Carol at Taddie Bee Knitting! I went outside my comfort zone and chose the multi-colored Fair Isle Peruvian wool. Completely not my norm, but I was so intrigued by the uniqueness of it, I decided to venture out! I want to thank you so much–I am so grateful to be the lucky recipient of two awesome gifts, and I too can’t wait to see my ‘lil mouse!

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