cameroon cap

this afternoon i am fact checking,

getting ready to tell you the story

behind billy gibbons and his nudu hat(s).

in the meantime, i have found just the right yarn to knit one up in:

berroco’s new folio.

IMG_3565cropthe combo of the alpaca and rayon here

is so soft and drapy.  i think it will give the little faux dreads

a slew of rock-n-roll personality.

on stage billy wears nudu caps in a few different natural shades.

i picked ‘mount desert’

because it has such a b&w vibe to it.

oh how i love this look.

gibbons-black-white‘story’ taken from 11:14 of acts.

bottom photo from billy f. gibbons facebook page.

2 thoughts on “cameroon cap

  1. Interesting! I don’t know of this man, but I’m sure you’ll tell me more. And his hat is very different! Love it. 🙂

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