cey & i: blog tour, day six

buy Lyrica online in uk i love clogs.

http://onewish4u.com/youtube.com/embed/BFFZV1IBtCw i have for awhile now.

http://fishingthefraser.com/?wordfence_lh=1 the weight of the shoe itself makes me feel substantial,

next a force to be reckoned with.

another, more crazy, truth is that i am only recently

discovering the joy of wearing hand knit socks.

not sure what took me so longIMG_8333bt

(perhaps a lasting bout

of second sock syndrome)

but now i’m all in.

with hand knit socks in the drawers,

i wanted to pair them with clogs and slides.

alas, heels are functional

and not often the pretty part of the sock.

since what i wanted didn’t match up with what i found,

IMG_8326bti set out to fill the gap.

garter stitch runs

from the cuff

through the heel flap

with a back center column

of paired knit stitches.

these are

the rocker version of imp.

for contrast,

the remainder of the sock

is straight up stockinette.

its opposite is the boho version:

mainly reverse stockinette stitch with a column of garter stitch

dividing two wide vertical stripes of stockinette stitch up the back.

imp boho side and heeled heelmy friend lindsay pointed out

how all that reverse stockinette stitch gives these socks

a sort of ‘princess sole’.

all i know is that they feel good this way,

and that’s what i wanted.

the imp socks are featured today

on the blog of my favorite local yarn shop, ‘in the loop’.

if i could give you anything knit related, i’d give you a lys as supportive as they are.

‘princess’ taken from 45:13 in the psalms.

4 thoughts on “cey & i: blog tour, day six

  1. I’m a clog wearer too. 🙂 These socks are perfect for clogs! Right now, though, I’m having a bad case of sms (second mitten syndrome). Must finish those.

    • it’s been so cold. perfect mitten weather. finish that up and then you get to start something new! i just picked out the new knitting for on the train this weekend. feels so good to think about new projects…ahhh.

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