cey & i: decoding

vous pouvez les essayer i have this swatch.

site de rencontre hacker it looks very simple,

but i knit it almost two years ago

and i have absolutely no idea what the stitches are.

i’ve stared at it until my eyes get blurry.

i’ve written down every possible stitch combo that i can think of.

at this point i’ve reknit them all and nothing comes close.

now, it’s an easy stitch pattern.  i know that it is.

the result is a very simple textural-ness

that really appeals to me.

fed up, i’d almost

decided to throw the little swatch away

as seeing it everyday on my bulletin board

and not being able to conquer it was really dragging me down.

then yesterday morning,

i took a little ride with my friend wendy.

we talked about everything (like we always do)

and i finally got round to a little vent about the ‘swatch with no name’.

IMG_5372satwithout missing a beat, she (focused on driving at the time) said,

“can’t you just undo the bind off and gently pull the stitches out

 to see what they were in the first place?”

can’t i just undo…?

hey, why didn’t i think of that?!?

it took me all of five minutes this afternoon to unbind

a few rows and figure out the stitches that have been so eluding me for weeks.

thanks, wendy,

for letting me consistently

bum rides to in the loop sit ‘n’ knits

and especially this week, thank you for seeing through my confusion

to the straightforward answer

that has been right in front of me all along.

‘name’ taken from 1:3 of song of songs.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘ buy priligy priligy online cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘ legit website to buy clomid artistic differences‘.)

2 thoughts on “cey & i: decoding

  1. I doubt I’d have thought to unravel to figure out the stitches! Now I will remember that I can do that! Thank you Wendy. 🙂

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