cey & i: exactly

ordering cytotec online without a precription 17 days until the photo shoot for ‘artistic differences’.

http://sazutech.com/cart/ feels like yesterday that susan and i first sat in her office

and discussed ideas and possibilities.

still, 17 days until

my end of things is done.

then the cey staff tech editors, layout and various other people

have the ball in their court.

here’s the thing.

i’m still swatching for the last piece

of the collection.  back at that again tonight.

IMG_6318cropand it’s not that i couldn’t have knit the full piece

about 10 different times over.

i could have,

and it would have been 10 different variations on a theme.

but, it’s not quite what’s in my head yet.

this is why

i often refer to myself as a ‘hack’.

i know i have skills, experience, and all kinds of excitement for the process.

what i don’t always have is the ability to mold my fingers

and the yarns they’re holding

into the picture in my head the first time out of the gate.

or the second, or the third.

so when i say ‘hack’, i mean not intuitively able

to leap from idea to final design in a single bound.

maybe no-one can.

some people sure do make it look

just about easy, though.

my friend pam send this quote to me sometime before i woke up this morning:

being a hackperfect.

this is exactly what i mean when i label myself a ‘hack’.

it is often one mistake,

one detour or another, that

pulls any given design of mine into a place

where it can hold its own as an original.

this is mostly likely why i always feel more like a happy kid

whose crayon drawing was hung on the fridge

by an adoring parent who sees the effort as beauty

rather than a grown-up holding her own as a ‘knitwear designer.

i admit that every time i write

‘knitwear designer’

as profession on a form, i giggle a little.

so now you know.

‘original’ from 24:13 of 2nd chronicles.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘ order Lyrica online usa cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘ online purchase Quetiapine artistic differences‘.)

4 thoughts on “cey & i: exactly

  1. I love that quote! And your designs. I’m not sure it truly matters how you get to the final idea, the creation. I think it only matters that you do! It matters more that you keep on working toward it, than the number of tries it takes to complete it. 🙂 You do great stuff Talitha!

  2. You should read the book “Art and Fear.” I found it tremendously helpful in my work. It gives excellent perspective on what you’re talking about.

    Plus, I just happen to know it’s available at your local library. 🙂

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