cey & i: experiment gone good

http://www.werkenvanuitpassie.nl/59544-dte53320-adult-dating-how-clingy-is-too-clingy.html this was originally a swatch.

Visit Website then i forgot how i did the swatch

(because i brazenly thought in the moment

that i was knitting it, that i would never forget how i did it).

then i dissected the swatch and wrote down how it was done in the first place.IMG_5695crop

now it’s one of the pieces in ‘artistic differences’

to be released later (i know, i’m a tease).

but, it you will see it later

(i promise)

and when you do, i hope you think the same things that i did

when i first stumbled over how to make it happen.

“oh.” … “hmmm.” … “wow.” … “cool.”

‘later’ taken from 20:25 in proverbs.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘ where can i buy accutane cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘ neurontin online artistic differences‘.)

2 thoughts on “cey & i: experiment gone good

  1. I am starting to knit “Boho” version and did the 3 stitch loop method cast on for the first round, but on the joining round it says to knit to the last four stitches and I don’t see how I get the descending web of gap (Sorry not sure how to describe it), is the book accurate?
    I love this sweater, great to have something different without it being too difficult, hoping that I can sort the front bit out!

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