changing trains the thing about blogging as i go,

is that i very seldom go in a straight line.é.html it’s full steam ahead for a few miles (or days) and then something catches my eye.

Plus d'infos ici maybe the drape of the yarn gets me thinking,

maybe the colorway starts to pull me in another direction,

maybe a certain series of stitches does something i didn’t expect..

whatever the reason, i don’t end up where i said i was headed.

took me four different colleges in two different states to get my degree

so it’s not just in knitting.  my overall life seems to go like this.

and i’m ok with that.

actually, i’m more than ok.  i’m good with it.

i’ve learned to enjoy the scenery out whichever window i’m sitting in front of.

you know?

but i feel a little like

i’ve pulled you all this way and that,

right along with me, as i’ve talked about

working with julie asselin‘s super bulky ‘yotta’.

i was glad to have you along for the trip.

hopefully my distractible mind didn’t wear on you too much.

and (drumroll please) i’ve finished the piece.

probably hard to believe

after all the

twists and turns, but it’s 100% true.

here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_4194sati plan to release the pattern early next week

and you will absolutely be the first to know.

thanks for keeping me company

during the whole process.

i really liked that.

‘company’ taken from 15:24 of romans.

4 thoughts on “changing trains

  1. Arggghhhhh!!!!!! I keep hoping to see what the new design is! That yarn is amazing, and so blue. Soon, right? Soon.
    p.s. your path is very like mine, in its zigging and sagging. My brain works like that too. 🙂 My knitting projects also! Oh well.

    • i know. this one has felt endless to getting done. i’ve just been so sidetracked by opposing ideas. but, final pics were taken yesterday, so we’re in the home stretch. might even get release by the weekend. soon.

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