‘cherry on top’ giveaway

look at here the yarnit

http://southside.edu.hk/school-calendar/ is doing a giveaway for mother’s day

http://www.auberge-bretonne.com/37811-dte96519-free-fat-dating-sites.html and part of the prize is a copy of my new book ‘artistic differences’.

http://ammafricaworld.org/66661-ph49269-clenbuterol-to-buy.html as a bonus, enough of classic elite yarns villa

is included for you to

knit up a pair of ‘silve’ fingerless gloves.

would you knit them for your mother? grandma? an aunt? a role model?

maybe even yourself?IMG_0439cropbrifor more info on how to enter

check out their facebook page here.

they’re saying new ways will be posted to enter

each day this week, so it might be worth going back to enter again.

can’t hurt, right?

‘day’ taken from 12:12 of job.

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