close to home"http:////" once upon a time

buy Clomiphene pct online there was a little town in south america.

legend has it (and was recently retold at stitches east) that it was a very little town

so small, in fact, that only one family lived there,

and this family makes yarn.

soft as butter, gliding across the needles yarn.

so, if i’ve got this right, the patriarch of the family takes a trip.

he travels from the little town that is home

to another small town quite far from their home.

once there, he is moved by the multitude of greys

in the rocky coast,

and the weathered shingles.

(he also later told me himself

how the lobster left a very favorable impression.)

with these travel memories fresh in his mind

he returned home and created a brand new colorway for his family’s beautiful yarns.

(the new color has absolutely nothing to do with the lobster.

i just threw that in there because it’s true and it’s fun.)

fast forward to recently

when antonio and i exchanged a few notes

about him sending me a skein or two of his lovely silky merino yarn.

i asked him to surprise me with the color.

and he certainly did.

for when the fiber arrived in the post, all the way

from him in uruguay to me in massachusetts,

& i reached for the label to see its name

imagine my delight when i

found printed there:

‘cape cod gray’.

the house i grew up in and am living in once again

sits barely 45 minutes from this seaside new england town that inspired the colorway,

and as far as i know, (thank you malabrigo) the yarn and i live happily ever after…

‘home’ taken from 18:22-24 in exodus.

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