conditionally like i had said that i would, i had every intention of

viagra with priligy buy uk posting up a pic of my first sock so far two full days ago.

christian dating websites richard bright it’s true.


i kept thinking,

‘i’ll just finish up this one last repeat and then take the photo’

along with, ‘this will look so much more complete once i do this row…’

so you can see how the knitting happened

but the photo taking did not.

finally sat myself down right in the middle of the kitchen island last night

(as the light is better here than nearly anywhere else)

and snapped these couple of shots.

progress is definitely being made

(do you remember this pic?)

in an ‘i am the turtle,

not at all the hare’

kind of way.

slow, but


‘slow’ taken from 86:15 in the psalms.

2 thoughts on “conditionally

  1. It looks like a great fit so far! I’ve not done toe-up socks, except crocheted ones. I love the “seam” along the sides. 🙂 Super job! Keep on knitting!

  2. This looks like the perfect sock 1) because it’s one of my fave colors and 2) because I just imagine the soft, warmth on a cold winter floor.

    Love it.

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