ear to ink to fiber

useful reference i am, admittedly, a process knitter.

Related Site i am also a recovering perfectionist, so there it is.

provigil vs nuvigil cost in that vein of things,

here is the beginning to now of the ‘rib and button scarf‘.

it is a far from flaw-free process,

but since i aim to ‘recover’ from my perfectionistic bent,

i think i must accept the process, blemishes and all…

so this (radio city music hall):

inspired these:

which in the early stages of

becoming real looked like this:

(note how very unblocked and quite wrinkled it is

from me carrying it all about

to knit it here and there as i went along)







in the end,

all semi-solid

and buttoned up cozy,

wound up in

Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011

looking like this:

and it sure did

come a long way, baby.

‘carried’ taken from 10:5 in jeremiah.

bottom photo courtesy of interweave knits.

‘rios’ in teal feather courtesy of malabrigo yarn.

4 thoughts on “ear to ink to fiber

  1. OOOH! I like it! I haven’t seen the magazine here yet, but often we seem to be slower in getting them here in Canada, well in Ontario where I live. 🙂 Love the design!

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