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Folsom IMG_1347cropdo you see it?

http://mococo.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://mococo.org/accommodation/ i am apparently in a bit of a favorite color rut

Verneuil-sur-Seine as these are the colors in my latest project and 3 new designs.

Balassagyarmat although, ‘rut’ isn’t really the right word for it since i’m happy as a pig in mud about it.

i guess i’m in a red/orange groove.

let the beat play on.

‘happy’ taken from 128:2 of the psalms.

note: yarns shown above from right to left:

swan’s island ‘bulky’, classic elite yarns ‘chateau’, 2 tones of schulana ‘cashmere trend’

and cascade ‘ultra pima fine’.


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