ever easier

http://trueptwichita.com/lexapro i could feel the breeze

http://plagueoftheblackheart.com/flu through the rolled down car windows

getting fresher and clearer the farther i drove north.

it might,

of course,

have been my imagination.

but the miles took me quickly from this:

IMG_5809shadto here:IMG_5811shadto close enough to this familiar bridge to know that

maine was in my very near future:

IMG_5817shadi would have happily taken you all with me,

what piles of fun we all would have had together

but unless you and your luggage took up a total of less space than a loaf of bread

there was simply no room in either of our two cars.

this is what traveling with 6 people

(4 under the age of 15) is like.

i’m sure you understand.

‘air’ taken from 6:26 of matthew.

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