every last yard

can i get viagra in costa rica well, not quite every last yard.

http://dougcoleman.net/?author=2 but, really i’ve only enough left now

for a few little mini-toys that will be holiday gifts…

i had amassed


quite a collection

of wool of the andes

– all partial balls

in many different colors.

when i saw allison haas‘ sweet alluvia

in the idp at knit picks,

i knew i’d found

the way out from under

my growing pile of orphan skeins of ‘wool of the andes.

this is such a well written pattern,

and just by changing the colors or strap,

you can morph it’s personality completely.

next up for me of allison’s patterns

is litha from issue #13 of knitcircus magazine.

the little cables and eyelets of this hat are a wonderful combination.

i’ll be sporting one by the new year.

i just have to stop waffling and pick which worsted weight yarn to use.

‘different’ taken from 4:7 of 1st corinthians.

5 thoughts on “every last yard

  1. i knit it up on size 3 needles so that i wouldn’t have to felt it. just haven’t been in the mood to felt lately, but so wanted to knit this cool bag, anyways.

  2. Good idea! When we moved I inherited a practically new top loading washer. I’m leery of felting in it because with my old one I could open the top every five minutes to see what was going on! This one, I can’t. I think I’ll have a go at this pattern using smaller needles. I love your bag! Very pretty! Thanks, samm
    p.s. last night I had a dream that you came to my house to look at my Quench pattern and it wasn’t in my file of purse patterns. This morning when I was laughing about this dream, I remembered that I had hand written the pattern into my notebook! Weird dreams. 🙂

    • i went through this huge felting stage. loved it. felted everything. but, i’m just not there right now. i think because i’ve been using smaller and smaller needles and reveling in the stitch definition of certain yarns that i don’t want to do all that ‘work’ and then turn it fuzzy. this pattern worked out well with just smaller needles and no felting. other patterns probably would, too.

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