Check Out Your URL as i took

orlistat no prescription this photo, this morning

https://www.complexslava.ro/1643-dte57993-russian-dating-san-francisco-bay-area.html it felt eerily familiar, like i’d seen it before.

find out only more than that, like i’d lived it before.

IMG_5347cropdidn’t take long for the rest of the memory to hit me.

i was about the same age

that my middle daughter is now,

when warm weather holidays meant

decorated bikes and a parade full of neighborhood kids.

IMG_5353cropobviously my banana seat was better.

nothing that bike makers have come up with since has topped those.

but, the joy of the celebrating remains the same.

to all who have served their countries,

in big ways and small,

may our gratitude feel as good to you today as

brightly colored streamers flapping in the wind

and warm sun on your face.

‘gratitude’ taken from 24:2-3 of acts.

4 thoughts on “flashback

  1. Look how sweet you were! 🙂 And daughter is a beauty too! My boys used to decorate their bikes and wagons (and the dog!) for our Canada Day celebrations in July. I wonder if kids still do that here!?

    • i can’t imagine kids & bikes & dogs ever going ‘out of style’. i bet they still do it.

      i was shy and i cleaned up well, but i was a bookworm and a tomboy at heart. liked to climb trees and read up in the branches hidden from the world.

  2. Ahhh, memories of banana seats….. 🙂 I didn’t realize until seeing this pic how much your oldest girl looks like you.

    Love the Memorial day decor on the bike!

    • sj at 7 looks so very much like me at 7. it’s funny to put pics of us side by side. we’re built different, but in the face there’s a lot the same.

      and banana seats were the best. this year grandma and a friend bought the decorations and the kids rode their done up bikes in gramps’ circle driveway. much fun had by all!

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