frame of reference is this modern art,

Seroquel side effects IMG_5289highaddressing the consequences of industrialism

buy ritonavir online IMG_5321highin a society fueled by its heated desire for ‘the next big thing’?

IMG_5303highor is it a cautionary tale

IMG_5313medabout storing small appliances (say a family-sized crockpot)

IMG_5331exhighin the ‘seemed a good idea at the time’ kitchen oven?

IMG_5302lowit is now both.

IMG_5306low‘heated’ taken from 3:19-20 of daniel.

3 thoughts on “frame of reference

    • thankfully, no explosion. just all the plastic workings and feet melted off the metal base of the crockpot and onto the stove and racks. stove is now clean. my david has to use a blowtorch to heat up the racks to soften the plastic enough to get it off. it’s a mess, but it let fascinating patterns and formations. i’m such a geek for things like that.

      • I agree that the artistic value of this happening are interesting!! 🙂 Good thing you have a handy husband to restore the racks. They might be expensive to replace. I’m glad you took photos of them in their melted crockpot splendour!

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