full speed amuck

check here too fast.

http://insightsandoutlooks.com/herpes things are moving too fast.

hop sur ce site web if you could see me from where you are, you’d have no idea what i’m going on about.

what does self employed mean on dating sites it’s not speed as in too much to do or too much waiting to be done,

it’s just feeling thinking that’s pulling me in too many directions

to focus on just one.

doesn’t help that it’s raining heavily,

that cold, damp kind of fall rain

that gets in your bones and makes it hard to get warm.

here’s my temporary solution:

IMG_7032cashmere.  100%.

i’m knitting it intentionally, slowly.

changed to bamboo needles to force the slow down a bit more.

i can feel it beginning to work, my head beginning to calm.

just a few more hours of this

(yes, i said hours)

and i think things will center back at about normal.

mental crisis diverted.

‘calm’ taken from 107:30 of the psalms.

1 thought on “full speed amuck

  1. That yarn looks amazing! So soft and warm looking. I turn to something mindless but beautiful, like a self striping sock yarn, knitting round and round without thinking, and seeing the colours and patterns change. Anything that I don’t have to think about much to knit helps me. I go into “zen mode” as I think of it.

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