cheesy as this joke is, it has been stuck in my head all morning,

so i decided to stick it in yours as well.


on a sunny saturday, i hear

one ball of romney ridge farm‘s new downeast yarn say to the other:

“why are you sitting way up there?”IMG_5572the other skein of wool answers

(with as much of a smirk as yarn can muster),

“that’s how i roll.”

‘wool’ taken from 31:13 of proverbs.

3 thoughts on “(giggle)

  1. From the book I’m reading, a joke from a little boy…

    Knock knock,,
    Who’s there?
    Cow who?
    No silly! Cow moo!

    • i am so going to impress my little ones with my comic timing with this one at dinner. they’ll love it!

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