grey skies wool and solitude go together well for me. IMG_5171cropi like to knit

can i buy modafinil in india in the dusky quiet hours just after my kids

fall asleep.

i like to knit in bright

noisy rooms as well,

but there is something

about knitting alone

that i find extremely peaceful.

so when

this morning’s sun turned to afternoon rainIMG_5167crop

and my youngest

decided to play contentedly

with his trains,

i sat myself down

near a window

and had a little knit.

solitude wool is new to me,

i fell almost instantly in love with their artisan yarns.

this is the kind of yarn that as i pick it up i am moved by how

suddenly connected i feel to the sheep

IMG_5172satwho wore it first.

a new project

started in such sweet fiber

on a bright grey


couldn’t help but make

me smile.

 see that

was just what

today was missing.

‘quiet’ taken from 19:40 of luke.

2 thoughts on “grey skies

  1. Mmmmmmm… I like the colours! There’s something about the way wool takes the dyes that makes me happy. And I love those rich colours. Very pretty combination!

    • i’m so excited about how these colors look together: stone and purple shade. and you’re right. pure wool dyes a certain way that’s fabulous.

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