http://808equipmentrentals.com/rheumatoid-arthritis IMG_0507cropped there is a yarn,

check over here a really great yarn,

pregnyl buy uk that occasionally

slips by

my fiber radar.

classic elite‘s

inca alpaca

is just such a yarn.


i’m not quite sure

how i managed

to miss it in the first place.

this yarn9193-Agate-LG_medium

pulls off being

both cuddly soft

& still having

the st definition

that it shows off in

patterns like ‘agate

(so ‘in my queue’).

i’ve no idea

how it does that,

but it does

and it does it well.

IMG_0896upi knit.

i choose to leave the

actual making

of the

yarns i love

up to those who do it

with such aplomb.


i’m still trying

to master the art

of simple pom pom making.)

given the chance5979crop

to hold, squeeze

and generally

inhale the sweetness

of this yarn,

i wanted nothing more

than it close to me

to fend off

any nearby chill.

hey winter!

you out there?

say hello to my new friend,  ‘hibernatum‘.

 hibernatum is latin for ‘wintered’.

 ‘wintered’ taken from 28:11 in the book of acts.


2 thoughts on “hibernatum

  1. Ooooohhhhh!!!! Beautiful yarn! And I love the vest and hat. 🙂 Why oh why do you enable me so?! LOL My rav queue is getting very long…

    • smile. there’s so much good stuff out there, no? i’ve tripped over so many things i want to knit lately. my queue has grown exponentially. i know the feeling.

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