home, sweet.

http://upperstour.co.uk/event/8-30-bourton-holy-communion/2020-10-11/?ical=1 a whole cluster

Cártama of nice things happened today.

Ishikari my ‘brick house’ boheme sari ribbon yarn arrived from camaj fiber arts

Afragola (to knit a silk  ‘water under the sky‘ for my very own),

my 4 yr old helped me pick out

a few new blooms for the backdoor garden

which has begun to emerge from under about 5 yrs of overgrowth,

i used the antique shoe brush that my dad gave me for the first time

(i am totally old-school when it comes to shoes,

it’s leather and polish all the way),

and a box arrived from

‘for the makers’.IMG_5184crop

this month is

a ‘test-run’

 for me.

will i really

make the time

to create, if

all the ‘ingredients’

come nicely


up all in a box?

we’ll see.  so far, it’s just the first month, so more on that soon.

baby boy and i got the plants in before the rains came down,

the brush is perfect in all its antique quality,

and the box…i’ll crack that open

later tonight and see

how it goes.

not too shabby for a monday as i’m left

feeling very grateful and at peace with just about everything.

‘later’ taken from 20:25 of proverbs.

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