how many knitters does it take…

buy strattera … to wind 4 skeins of louet’s euroflax into yarn cakes on a tuesday night? now you weren’t actually there,

la rencontre du troisieme type and we didn’t take a pics or a video

top annonce rencontre nord pas de calais although in retrospect we should have.

so, you’ll have to picture one yarn swift and one yarn winder

at the end of an isle in a beautiful kitchen

(thanks h. for the surroundings)

and pathetic me asking for help

because i’ve always wound

balls by hand and am

stymied by the


of the lil


turns out that my knitting friends, who were wowing my with the speed

at which they could work the fibers into a cohesive yarn cake

with the outer edges taking on a spirograph like design,

underestimated just how non-clingy linen is.

1, 2, actually all 3 of them had a ‘cake in process’

pop right off the top of the winder

and dance across the tile floor.

landing at the front feet

of jake the puppy.

it had been a long day all around

and we got just a bit giddy…

which quickly turned to punchy and a bit jumpy for me.

by the time the third partial cake flew off

i was so shocked that a small scream

escaped from my lips

before the rolling

rolled to a stop.

so, the answer to the question is:

if you don’t count jake the puppy

who was gung-ho to help until we decided

that yarn really wasn’t in his skill set

it takes 3 to wind, 2 (at least) to untangle, 1 to just stick her fingers in,

and 1 troublemaker (namely me) to bring the persnickety skeins in the first place.

next question:

how many jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?…

‘escaped’ taken from 19:20 in job.

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