buy nolvadex ireland my youngest calls from the kitchen,

i thought about this “mama, can i have cookies for a snack?”

blog link having learned my lesson many times before, i walk to the kitchen to find his little green bowl

full of cookie crumbs (nevermind that it was sitting next to the open cookie tray).

IMG_5781crop‘hey,’ i say, ‘what are the crumbs already in your bowl from?’

with a straight face

(i do not know how kids don’t crack themselves up) he says,

‘those are grape crumbs from the purple grapes i ate earlier’.

then he waits, fully expecting me to nod and okay his cookie request.

i know he expected me to buy his story by the look of shock on his face

when i questioned his ‘grape crumbs’ theory

and ultimately denied his request for more cookies.

i did in the interest of fairness, offer him ‘more’ purple grapes for his snack.

ha. not my first rodeo.

‘grapes’ taken from 23:24 of deuteronomy.

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