in an instant (or two) this week i joined instagram.

leukeran cost i am such a visual person

and that format is really invigorating and inspiring to me.

also it is challenging because it pushes me to find

pics to take that feel meaningful in some way in my days.

i posted once a day over there

and for at least this week i wanted to sort of summarize

visually, by reposting pics here, too.

(note: these are mostly alternate angles of the original shots,

so even if you did see them on instagram, this will be somewhat new.

IMG_0052cropme and my shadow knitting at the school bus stop.

IMG_0056my younger son so proud when he figures out that ‘y’ is for ‘knitting’…

IMG_0099cropmy older son and the ‘wiley e. coyote school of gravity’.

IMG_0124shadnow i am ready for plaid. bring on the yarn.


what do you think?

would you like to see me post a weekly summary a pic a day?

or would you rather just go find me on instagram?

‘instant’ taken from 3:7 of acts

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