cytotec cheapest place to order to be fair,

blog wendy didn’t really

new free arabic dating sites no credit card needed taunt me with sock yarn. i might even

have asked her

if she had any of this

particular yarn

after seeing suzanne‘s

project pics on ravelry.


i guess,

in all honesty that my own short attention span is to blame

and not wendy’s generosity in being willing to part with

this amazing sock yarn.

…um, now that i’ve told ‘the rest of the story’,

will some kind knitter please come over and frog the skew sock that i already started?


i’m sure i don’t want to finish it,

but not so sure i can rip all those many rows of tiny, precise stitches out.

where is super grover when you really do need him anyways?

 ‘need’ taken from 16:21 of exodus.

3 thoughts on “influential

  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous socks! The heel looks like the paisle in paisley. (what are those things called anyway?) Beautiful! Happy knitting.

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