inside & out i found the pattern

voltaren uk boots for ‘wurm‘ and

then saw the sweet mods

that jaana made

to it here.


i couldn’t

quite leave

well enough



with maine’s

ocean breezes

urging me ever on,

i shortened a little

and added


at the



it turns out that

my version is totally

reversible.  so fun.

my oldest is

wearing it

inside out


as one good mod

often deserves another,

my 4 yr old now wants one of her own.

have you seen her dear face? i may just have to oblige…

‘inside and out’ taken from 6:14 of genesis.

3 thoughts on “inside & out

    • really simple and whatever yarn you use really is allowed to shine. the original hat is great, but you know me, mods call to me. smile.

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