2 thoughts on “Interweave Holiday Gifts 2011

  1. talitha, i am just starting the RIB AND BUTTON SCARF that is in the 2011 interweave holiday gifts magazine. just got to the start of shaping the neck by working in short rows, something i have never done, but think i will do just fine. however, the first short row starts out in rib. does that mean knit purl or is it the knit purl pattern that has already been established per the stitch guide which is (rs) k4, p1 etc? please get back to me asap as this is a christmas gift for my daughter!!! thank you.

    • hello! the ‘rib’ of the scarf continues as established right through the short row section until the scarf is finished. does that help? please feel free to ask more questions. will be quickest to reach me at my e-mail: talithakuomi@live.com. happy knitting! tal

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