it’s the one

Read Full Report after lots of false starts and stops,

En savoir plus i have ended up with just the yarn

annonce rencontre infidele to make exactly the hat that i was looking for.

yes, finally. ahh.

the test knitting has begun. final photos

might be able to happen tomorrow depending upon

weather and availability.

tech editing and layout are next…

then the new pattern can be released.

until then,

let me introduce ‘sinew’:

slouchy when worn straight up,

fitted when worn with the brim folded precisely.

warm, without being bulky or restrictively tight.

it is just what i wanted.sinew 4sqfor the record: straight up simple is not the easiest to do.

there’s nowhere to hide decreases or shaping.

every stitch has to ‘play nice’

with all the others.

every stitch.


‘hide’ taken from 119:19 of the psalms.

1 thought on “it’s the one

  1. A very good hat! I love the decrease design at the top. I also very much like that it is suitable for anyone, and versatile in the way it can be worn. 🙂

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