it went something like this last mayIMG_1405shade

can you buy Lyrica online (when i first spied

boy and girl dating whose parents get married the malabrigo mecha

Learn More on the shelves at the hub mills store),

it had my full attention.

malabrigo colors,

superwash & bulky all in one skein?


i wanted to try it.

i wanted to wear it until it needed washing.

i wanted to (super)wash it and see if it held its own.

i also wanted instant results,

so i first started with another designer’s pattern.

a well written pattern that i thought i could whip through,

but i couldn’t seem to shut my own (loudly opinionated) mind off.

here’s what it sounded like:

“ooh, that’s a cool thumb shaping.  wonder what would happen if i…”

“it’s so great how garter st is reversible…what other stitches are reversible…”

you get the idea.

so, in the end, i designed the ‘rivi mitts‘.

the twisted rib is reversible and the thumb is a variation of other thumbs.

IMG_2534(and the superwash rocks.

did i mention that already?)

test drove them in the house last week.

passed all quality checks.

then yesterday,

the blast of single digit air at the backdoor

sent me racing back for another layer.

stretchy ribbing is sooo flexible.  smile.

they passed the outside chill road test, too.

only took me 7 months from start to finish (ha).

although, truth be told,

i was a bit scattered at the time from simultaneously jumping

through the hoops of ‘the fiber factor’.

all’s well that ends well.

‘scattered’ taken from 11:31 of numbers.

2 thoughts on “it went something like this

  1. I love these! They look stretchy enough to be worn over other mittens, the kind with fingers, you know. 🙂 I need to find a suitable yarn!

  2. i am wearing mine (the ones in the pic) almost every day now. the simplicity of the ribbing is nice in that i can just cuff them up so i don’t have to shove the ends up under a coat or a sweater. never thought of that designing them, but it’s a cool thing now that i see they work that way.

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