rapping it up

http://knetter-gek.net/is-nooit-grappig-deel-2/?google=bot kater tater knits does not disappoint.

http://vboda7.org/calendar?yr=2019 katertaterknits urbi asked if she’d take a look at

https://champex-immobilier.ch/1395-dtgf32089-free-gay-chat-sites.html my new book, ‘artistic differences‘,

check and (if she liked it)

to give it some love.

in true katie style,

she made a video and wrote a rap.

yup, ‘artistic differences’

has inspired a rap

(now that i never saw coming).

thanks katie! with another foot and a half of snow

predicted here over the next two days,

a fun, catchy video is

just the ticket.

you rock!

‘coming’ taken from 36:33 of job.

1 thought on “rapping it up

  1. hahaha I love it and I just bought those needles yesterday at the shop. Sure do miss you girl!!! The book looks great. Hope you are keeping warm.

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