it’s the little things

i read ahead when i’m knitting someone else’s pattern.

when i’m writing up a new pattern, i plan ahead.

still, my tendency is to get in the groove of

the ribbing, or the stockinette,

and to blow right by

the place where i’m supposed to increase, or cable, or work an edging.

the only way i’ve found to stop myself is this:

i use stitch markers as ‘stop’ signs,

to me a stitch marker means stop, look, read and follow

the directions before proceeding.

problem is i lose stitch markers like other people

lose sunglasses or second mittens.

to compound the matter,

anything dangling off of a stitch marker

plain old annoys me.  also,

i like double stitch markers at the beginning of the round

so anything too thick is not to my liking either.

i guess i’m fussy, but i know what i want.lifesaversenter nice & knit’s new life savers.

these are my ideal.

streamlined silver rings, narrow enough to be doubled up,

and as an added bonus they come in small and large sizes

(you know how much i love the heavier yarns

and bigger needles).

i just cast on this week for a new cardi

and used these stitch markers.

they glide along so that i hardly know they’re there,

but they’re substantial enough that i

don’t forget to stop.

summary: they make me happy,

so now i’m headed off with them to knit a little more.

photo courtesy of nice & knit.

‘stop’ taken from 37:14-15 of job.