sometimes things are not what they appear. CLS_5524

sometimes they are more.

gather a few of my knitting friends together,

on pretty much any given saturday morning at

lys in the loop,

and the ideas will fly.

in all directions.

best to duck.

CLS_2403so when i brought my newest vest

in for a ‘show and tell’ of sorts

(and to see just what

the knittahs thought

of it as a cowl),

they wowed me with alternatives.

the seven we came up withIMG_1612uncolor

are pictured here.

(two more ways are described)

where the pattern is for sale on ravelry.

what other ways

can you think of to wear it?

do please leave a comment

so we can all revel in your creativity.

and thanks for playing along on this monday morning.

bottom pic taken by me.

‘fly’ taken from 60:8 in isaiah.

top two pics by caryn at

8 thoughts on “makalio

  1. Pic7: double left armhole for short cowl.
    Same pic. Use leather cord to also pin left armhole to back, leaving smaller holes for arms at either end. Try similar approach with vest turned 90% for more fitted look.
    Same pic: knit variation with wider arms. Pin centre left armhole to back, and experiment with hood out of left arm.
    Same pic: wear with right armhole in front at waist. Experiment with twisting armholes together and fasten with shawl pin.

    Wear as loose vest but pin / twist or hold armhole edges straight together and run leather cord through to hold.

    I reckon there is the possibility of a camisole/ vest with armholes at back too. Cross arms and place head through crossed point with body at either front or back. Different twists/ knots would change the way it fits.

    Every possibility lends itself to variation by varying the position of armholes.

    • thank you. all it takes is a does of lys and my knitting friends to fuel me on whenever i get a little dry for ideas. smile.

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