today’s the day.

(one day early, i know.  there was peer pressure involved…)

the first bit of clue #1 has been posted on ravelry in the ‘appalachian yarns’ group.

size 13 needles,  30 beads(optional), 2 skeins of louet kidlin (light worsted weight)

and you’re good to go.

i started with this gorgeous color.

the kidlin’s mix of linen/mohair

was a really pleasant surprise.

now i’m thinking

that i might want

a more everyday kind of wrap.

being machine wash and dry

and also nearly indestructible,

allhemp6 is one of my ‘go to’ yarns.

i’ve got a hat,

a winter scarf

and a woven stitch belt.

i want to make a top,

a cardigan

and a big ol’ bag.

maybe a wrap, too.

now i just have to figure this out

‘to bead or not to bead,

that is the question’.

‘dry’ taken from 1:9 in genesis.