page i finally did it.

buy Pregabalin uk everything got rearranged

lopinavir and ritonavir tablets manufacturers so i could have the time and good compnay to get to my first fiber festival,

of any kind,


i took pics but,

since naomi and habak (new camera and laptop) are still not speaking,

it will be a day or two until i sort through and glean the best ones

to tell the story of my visit.

for now, i can say that i was surprised to find

next to displays full of skeins of lovely alpaca yarn

the actual farm raised alpacas.

my surprise was at how unexpectedly cool that is.IMG_7396shadthis mama and her cria (baby alpaca)

were comfortably hanging out.

i felt shy about taking their pic while the little one was nursing,

but look at how securely he (or she?) stands,

stretching to full height with

mama close by.

love it.

‘habak’ taken from 1:5 of habakkuk.

2 thoughts on “newbie

  1. Aren’t the cria sweet!? We have a few alpaca farmers in our area, and I love to see the wee ones. The one in your photo is beautiful colours! Did you buy fleece to spin?

    • i was with friends who bought fleeces to spin. i don’t spin. i’m truly fascinated with how it’s done, and with the process of dying wool also, but i have no desire to do it myself. one of my friends bought a fleece that she’s going to spin into handspun and then give me some to work with. i’m really excited about that!

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