not these pics taking photos of all four of my kids

go to these guys (hyped up on freshly fallen snow and Christmas sweets) that all come out decent

adam lambert secretly dating someone in la who is not out is comparable to…

i’ve no idea what it’s comparable to.

it’s loud and bouncy and chatty and goofy and irritating and ‘just one more’

all rolled into one.

i thought for the sake of honesty

(and to try to brighten up this oddly warm, rainy and fog filled day in january),

i’d post some of the pics you won’t see us sending out to friends and relatives this year.

sj upti up (high)ep upen up(sidedown)

i’ve limited myself to posting one blooper of each child

but there were many, many more.

what was scarce were pics where they actually looked like themselves

on their best ‘smile because i said so’ behavior,

but i did get these four good ones:

Xmas 2013even at their worst, which this is not, my kids have

personality to spare.

and i love them

for that.

‘honesty’ taken from 12:15 in 2nd kings.


6 thoughts on “not these pics

    • they are much loved. because having them didn’t come easy, i think i appreciate them all the more. that said, they are total hams (such funny drama all the time).

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