noted music.

More Info when you have the chance to make some, you should.

precio vidalista 20 last week my kitchen became a recording studio.

that happens in different ways

with different people

now and again.

i always think that food made

in the same kitchen where music was created

tastes somehow better.

(note: even the smallest studio needs a name.

my new one is ‘the dwelling’.)

so, day one in the dwelling: a little mentoring of my littlest man.IMG_9064urbsatday two in the dwelling: sound check for levels on my ‘instrument’.IMG_9069urbsatday three in the dwelling: relocation to a more permanent spot,

since eating is a regular occurrence in its original location,

which includes the ambiance of discoball lighting.

IMG_9074urbday four in the dwelling: whatever wonderful thing comes next…

‘dwell’ taken from 28:12 of job.

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