‘…of course’

buy deltasone prednisone funny story from just yesterday morning.

http://crowspun.com/2013/01/the-next-big-thing-blog-hop/ my youngest was in the kitchen at the backyard window

enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds through the screen.

from the next room, i heard the sound of a chair being pushed

and i poked my head in to see what was up.

she was.

having pushed a chair to the shelf where the phone is and climbed quite high.

i asked her ‘what are you doing, sunshine?’ as i was walking over to get her down.

she said, ‘i’m watching the birds’.

so i said, ‘but you’re not at the window anymore.  what are you doing now?’

her answer was, ‘i’m getting the phone’.

so, i asked just one more question, ‘who are you going to call?’

to which she answered, ‘the birds, of course.’

of course.

how do  i love watching her little mind at work? let me count the ways…

‘birds’ taken from 6:26 of matthew.

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