‘…of course’

order provigil europe funny story from just yesterday morning.

200 mg topamax no prescription my youngest was in the kitchen at the backyard window

antabuse implant cost enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds through the screen.

from the next room, i heard the sound of a chair being pushed

and i poked my head in to see what was up.

she was.

having pushed a chair to the shelf where the phone is and climbed quite high.

i asked her ‘what are you doing, sunshine?’ as i was walking over to get her down.

she said, ‘i’m watching the birds’.

so i said, ‘but you’re not at the window anymore.  what are you doing now?’

her answer was, ‘i’m getting the phone’.

so, i asked just one more question, ‘who are you going to call?’

to which she answered, ‘the birds, of course.’

of course.

how do  i love watching her little mind at work? let me count the ways…

‘birds’ taken from 6:26 of matthew.

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