paper and bows


we get them.

we give them away.

we make them to give away.

i think today’s giveaway could be all of the above.

one skein of 3-ply wool from mountain colors yarns,

wendy bernard’s book ‘up, down, all-around stitch dictionary’,

three cute pins from local yarn shop ‘in the loop’,

and a copy of my pattern ‘mixta’.

i include my pattern, because it was test knit with this same bulky weight yarn

in a different colorway.

i tend to be leary of multt-colored yarns

and cables, fearing that the stitch work will be lost,

but i really love how this yarn knit up.IMG_7542crop2it adds to the pattern instead of taking away from it.  don’t you think so?

the colorway i’m giving away is red willow (deeper reds and purples),

the perfect jewel tones for holiday cheer.

IMG_7990urband these pins will make even the crankiest knitter laugh.

not that any knitters, ever, were cranky

as they tried to push through

way too much gift



just head over here to pick your favorite colorway,

then come back and leave me a comment saying what’s your fav

and why (i love knowing stuff like this).

you have until midnight this thursday (the 11th) to leave your note.

on friday,

december 12th, i’ll choose  and announce the winner by 5pm

(that’s eastern standard time).

sounds fun, right?

get to it.

‘mixta’ photo by wmr photography.

‘gift’ taken from 3:13 of ecclesiastes.

the disclaimer: mountain colors yarns

gave me this yarn to play with, but you know me.  i am

way too stubborn to be influenced toward lies or embellishment by two free

skeins of yarn.  therefore, the opinions expressed here are honest, and truthfully mine.

27 thoughts on “paper and bows

  1. I think they are lovely, but my fave … MOUNTAIN TANGO: Zippy lime green with hints of vivid yellow, electric blue, fuschia and a spark of purple & gold.
    Because by the time all the holiday knitting is done and January sets in, I’ll need the happy colors – and it will go with just about my entire wardrobe 🙂
    p.s. – another fabulous pattern!

  2. Wow, this decision almost took me as much time as it takes me to order from a menu of delish foods, because they all look so yummy, but Wild Horse keeps pulling me back — love the surprise of new vivid colors in what at first appears as a brooding color palette.

  3. I perused all the colorways and decided that Loganberry is my choice. It’s not my usual choice but it’s so unique and luscious compared to my usual choice which would be Woodland or BlackBird or Evening star, more muted shades. The sparkle of color that Loganberry would add to a black outfit or gray would be strikingly welcome!
    Happy Holidays!
    And thank you.

  4. So hard to choose just one. They are all beautiful!! The one that stuck out the most I would have to say is…Harmony Plums just because I love pink and plum mixtures;-)

  5. Cornflower is my favorite color way today. It reminds me of spring and early summer. Mountain Colors has the best color ways around!

  6. Yellowstone is my favorite right now….just finishing up a pair of socks for a gift in it. But always LOVE the twizzles too!

  7. I’ve long been a mountain colors fan. Winter sky( which may be discontinued) is my all time favorite for the subtle switches purple to blue. Crazy woman was another for the unexpected purple part stripes in my red socks.

  8. I love Winter Sky. I’m on a deep blue and purple kick right now and it seems all the yarn I’m buying is in those shades.

  9. I love the Harmony Plums because my daughter loves any thing in purple tones and they look great with her coloring. She has had a difficult life and deserves special things.

  10. I think Winter Sky is my favorite because the yarn looks so much more vibrant than the gray winter skies we’re having!

  11. Wow, that was a hard assignment, as all the colorways are quite yummy. My favorite is Swift Current, as I always go for the teals, purples & fuchsia.

    Happy creating, T!

  12. My 2 favorite colors are Redtail Hawk & Yellowstone b/c the best National Park is Yellowstone especially in winter, and Redtail Hawks are just so awesome!

  13. Winter Sky…that is perfect and will accent any wardrobe. I’d love to knit with that yarn.

  14. Well, Talitha, you know well that I love anything with blue! I had a hard time choosing, but decided that Bluebird would be just amazing to use in your Mixta pattern. It satisfies my blue cravings, and also has that beautiful purple too! The blue is the colour of my jacket trimming, so that would be just perfect! I’ll be sitting here hoping!

  15. I like the Harmony Plums color way because I like purples and pinks together.

  16. I love emerald lake shade and every green/blue shade. I’m fascinated by the colors of the water, ocean, waterfalls and lakes.

  17. Love the new hat. I’m partial to the emerald lake color. However, I like the reds/oranges in the picture above.

  18. love the new hat pattern! Beartooth is a nice color if I had to choose one. So many beautiful colors!

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