project ping pong

company website i was having trouble

where can i buy erythromycin cream focusing on just one idea (this often happens to me), so

lukol price i cast on for three new things at once

(and no, this is so not the first time i’ve done that either).

first up was new fingerless mitts

Β in malabrigo mecha.

the rich blueberry color (called prussia blue)

drew me right in, but…

(can you see the uh-oh?)1t16m-8nvuss sqgot to the finish line with one mitt a good 3/4″ longer than the other.

easy enough to rip back, but my motivation veered

onto new project #2.

this is gorgeous yarn from a swap box.

it’s bare naked wools ‘better breakfast fingering’ in mocha.

now, you know that usually ‘fingering weight’ and i are not pals,

but this stuff knits up beautifully on bigger needles

and i was definitely more motivated

to do this, than to undo and redo the longer fingerless glove above.

IMG_1513sqdoesn’t the mocha look nice up against

the little project bag it’s living in from third floor studio?

yes, it does.

but, i got to the crown decreases and lost steam.

i was so enjoying just knitting in the round

and around and around.

my head wasn’t up to the math of the crown shaping, cue project #3.

i’ve been on a kick about octopoli (a plural of octopus).

my friend joan loaned me a book and

i’m just fascinated.

therefore, my third new project is inspired by tentacles.

you might not be able to see the inspiration when it’s done,

but i sure will.

every idea comes from somewhere

and no matter what this ends up like, i’ll know exactly where it started in my head.IMG_1514 sqthe yarn is long island worsted in marsala

from string theory hand dyed yarn, inc.

(i know that the bag says indigo dragonfly.

new and exciting stuff from them is coming later on).

for now, i’m knitting away on the worsted

with the deep lair of the octopus

on my mind,

and wondering how i’m going to regain the motivation

to finish the first two things i started.

‘mind’ taken from 3:20-22 of lamentations.

3 thoughts on “project ping pong

  1. Oh Talitha, sometimes I think we are twins. πŸ™‚ I finished some handwarmers, and two cowls, and have been searching since for new things to cast on. I’m trying to be good, honest I am! I have several pairs of socks on needles, and do want to work on them. And I will. Usually in the car. At home knitting is different though. It can be more complicated. I was extra good yesterday and went down into my yarn cave and brought back up a sweater I began a long time ago. Go me!!! So far, it has been moved into the bag I use upstairs, and I’ve looked at the finished back and half a front. What I really want to do is cast on the sweater I saw in the new magazine, the interesting handbag in the other new magazine, the Antler sweater I have the yarn to make, and and and….. I almost always complete what I began, it just takes a circuitous route to do it. LOL

    • i adore that you have a ‘yarn cave’. how cool is that? and i am the same. i finish it all eventually, but seldom in a straight line. smile.

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