road trip: day five a day of homebody-ness

Seroquel mexico at the home of someone else:

price for azithromycin 250 mg what feels like

a spring breeze

to this native

new englander,

& earfuls

of the best

story reader

i’ve ever known.

that would be my cousin cyndi.

she can do every

imaginable voice

and emotion

to be found

in a child’s




adds such

depths to grown-up

books.  i could sit and

soak it all up for hours.

and ideally

i’d do this on & on,

while knitting happily

along on new project ideas

almost exactly like this one here.


a bit later on,

and catching up at her table,

we covered everything: food to books,

art to life to kids (her 3 & my 3 going on 4).

little did we know at the time

that my youngest son was 10 months old

or that i would be meeting him for the first time in 3 days…

‘depths’ taken from 11:7-9 in the book of job.

sts on the road: brown sheep lamb’s pride that i bought at downtown knits last night.

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