road trip: day one

synthesize voltaren price we were planning to leave

rate wednesday morning,

synthroid cost without insurance market but decide to head out early

my review here attempting

to outrun yet another

incoming snow.

with a fresh 3 inches

on the ground

we face ‘helga’ due south

and hit the gas.


the following ‘soundtrack of the day’ brought to you by lucy, and good ol’ charlie brown:

and way up there the little stars and planets
make the rain that falls in showers
and when it’s cold and winter is upon us
the snow comes up! just like the flowers!

now lucy, i know that’s wrong.
snow does not come up, it comes down.

after it comes up the wind blows it around so
it looks like it’s coming down but actually
it comes up out of the ground like grass!
it comes up charlie brown!
snow comes up!

oh good grief!

‘ground’ taken from 3:19 in genesis.

‘little known facts’ from the musical ‘you’re a good man, charlie brown’.

sts on the road: market hydrochlorothiazide price final rnds of the new ‘tamarisk’ in the photo. in test knitting now.

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