road trip: day six it was bound to come even on the best trip. there is that day.

zithromax price pharmacy the one in which

the kids ache longingly

for their own toys and beds

and all the grown-ups would be

oh so happy to oblige them.

tie a knot and hang on.

“they say it ain’t complicated

any fool can understand

until the fuse is lit and

it blows up in your hand.

it all looks good on paper…

what comes up,

it must come down…

in the distance

in the twilight

love is such a beautiful thing…

in burning pieces on the ground,

we watched them fall

…it’s worth it all…

maybe love is rocket science after all.”

‘distance’ taken from 22:4 in genesis.

soundtrack of the day: ‘rocket science’ by lori mckenna.

sts on the road: no actual knitting, just sketching and planning for future patterns in my head.

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